Day 171: Make my feet pretty

February 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

Stephanie hates my feet. I don’t know if it’s because I had athlete’s foot or because I accidentally cut my toenails jagged, but every time my foot brushes up against her she shivers and pushes it away. So tonight I decided I would beautify my feet for her.

First piece of business was to clip the toenails. My nails are really thick and I tend to rush through the cutting process, which is why they turn out looking like little daggers. Tonight I actually took my time and made them nice and rounded.

Next step was the pumice stone. I got my feet wet in the sink and hacked away at the calluses until my feet seemed silky smooth. I decided that the hair on top of my feet didn’t quite jive with the new look I had going on though, so I pulled Stephanie’s leg razor out of the shower and shaved off the hair.

Then I used a nail file and buffer to make the nails smooth and shiny. I followed this step up by using this weird Q-tip looking thing to “push back my cuticles,” which basically consisted of me squashing back the skin around my nails.

Then I applied some “Badger Foot Balm,” which is this stuff I gave Steph for Christmas that is made from peppermint and tea tree oil and makes your feet tingle.

To finish, I coated my nails with Revlon 776 Plum Baby.


What do you think, will she be more attracted to my feet now?


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