Day 167: Get a presence in northwest Indiana

February 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ll be honest: Northwestern Indiana is a place I’ve been trying to make my name known for some time now – through billboards, television ads and bus stop benches – but nothing has worked.

I’m just kidding. Before moving to Chicago I hardly knew there was an Indiana, let alone a northwest part. It just so happens that the stories we write for the Medill News Service get sent out to other news publications, and they can pick them up and display them on their websites.

The Northwestern Indiana Times is one of these clients. They’ve picked up a few of my stories before for the web, but I just received an email tonight that they are going to run an article that I co-authored with a classmate about the Chicago Auto Show in their Sunday print edition!

Which is really pretty awesome.  See the article along with the video we made here. Forgive the awkwardly sensuous voice over – I’m terrible at narration and there was no quiet place anywhere in the newsroom to record, so I did it in the men’s bathroom.

I admit that Erinn wrote the majority of the print piece  while I did most of the heavy lifting on the video, but I’m still really excited that my name is going to go on a byline in an actual print publication. As someone new to journalism, this is a first for me.

Just think – old men in northwest Indiana will read our article while sipping cups of coffee at Denny’s, or Indianan children will use it to line their chicken coop or to stuff a scarecrow. Maybe I’ll become a minor celebrity there.

I hope they send me a copy.


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