Day 166: Visit a car show

February 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

It turns out that Chicago has one of the biggest ones in the world, and for a class assignment, I had the privilege of attending.

I am pretty sure that 95 percent of the people I saw at the show had piercings and bicep tattoos. And that includes women and children. The other 5 percent were fathers and sons that were only there to take pictures of each other wearing sunglasses in convertibles.

In some ways it was like going to an amusement park or fair. Vendors sold nachos, beer and churros. Live radio DJs held drawings.

As if the insane amount of spotlights, flat screen TVs and rotating displays weren’t enough, Jeep even brought in an artificial mountain over which customers could test drive:

Chevrolet set up a track for the Volt that looked like park:

If attendees grew tired from all of the walking around and sitting in stationary vehicles, BP even provided a lounge. Also, for some reason all of Volvo’s representatives wore the name tag “Tom,” even though one guy told us his real name was Peter. It was unclear why this was company policy.

There were a lot of cool looking vehicles as well:

Maybe not something I could spend hours doing at a time – I was exhausted after three – but definitely something I can cross off of the bucket list.


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