Day 163: Get lucky

February 13, 2011 § 3 Comments

Eat this former New York State Rep. Christopher Lee

Today I got lucky. The picture above was taken with a camera that should have been lying in a landfill in Staten Island.

As you may remember, I bought a new digital camera and took a bunch of pictures around our apartment with it on January 10th. Unfortunately, I broke it just three weeks after. It fell out of the top of my bag, lens down on the concrete. From then on, whenever I tried to start it, it just read “lens error.”

I thought about taking it back to the store and just telling them what happened. I thought if I looked really upset and sorry, they might take pity on me and give me a new one for a discounted price. Steph quickly informed me that this idea was downright stupid, and there was no way they would exchange a camera that I had broken.

Instead, she helped me devise a story to tell customer service. It went something like this:

“Hi there. This weekend I opened this camera as a gift from my girlfriend. Lo and behold, I put the batteries in, tried to start it up and it just said “lens error.” This is ridiculous! It was clearly damaged in transport to your store. I demand a new one!”

Although I played the part perfectly, the return didn’t go down quite as planned. Because the product had been bought more than 14 days ago, it had to be sent back to the manufacturer for an “evaluation” before it could be returned. I was surely screwed. They’d open it up and figure me out. I filled out the paperwork and considered buying another camera right then and there.

Yesterday I received a call from the store that told me my “exchanged had been approved.” Kablam! Stephanie’s character worked! I had pulled a fast one.

So today I went and got another one free of charge, even though I should’ve been out a few hundred bucks.

Who needs truth when you’ve got Stephanie?



§ 3 Responses to Day 163: Get lucky

  • Kenny Hughes says:

    I’ll be reporting you to the proper authorities.

  • Grandpa Dick says:

    Shame Shame Even though the story worked. You know the truth. So everytime you use your camera you’ll think of tshe story… Grasndpa says, even though the truth hurts, its ALWAYS BEST TO TELL THE TRUTH NO MATTER WHAT. ENOUGH SAID.

  • Grandpa Dick says:


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