Day 155: Visit an arboretum

February 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today I drove about an hour outside of the city to do a video story on the Morton Arboretum, a 1,700 acre nature reserve founded by Joy Morton – the same man who founded Morton Salt in 1848.

My focus was an exhibit looking at the Theobroma cacao, or chocolate tree. After taking a number of photos and doing an interview in the visitor center, I ventured out into the grounds for some outdoor photos. While much of the snow had been cleared from some paths, a two-foot high layer still coated the majority of land.

The arboretum’s program director offered to lend me some snow shoes free of charge, but I declined, confident in my ability to tromp around in my Merrell snow boots. What didn’t occur to me is that snow shoes play a different role than normal snow boots: they allow you to step on top of the snow instead of barreling into it.

In trying to take a tight shot of a tree, I definitely face planted into a drift.

Anyway, it was really very cool and I had never been to an arboretum before. Here is the video:

or visit Medill Reports: Chicago.


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