Day 151: Prep for a blizzard

January 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

If you’ve been living in a hole for the past 24 hours, then you may not be aware that Chicago is expected to get between 18 and 22 inches of snow between tomorrow and Wednesday. Some articles on the topic:

‘Life-threatening’ blizzard on its way to Chicago area

1967 Chicago blizzard is the benchmark for all major snowstorms

Storm Cancels Flights, May Set Chicago Record, Ices New York

So I ran through a quick checklist of what I considered to be the essentials:

Food reserves?

CHECK! Frozen green beans and broccoli are waiting in the freezer.

Warm clothes and blankets?

CHECK! Steph has her microwavable spa socks on a plate on the counter.

Candles and flashlights?

CHECK! Although the candles are orange ones from Halloween and for some reason the only flashlight I have has Dora the Explorer on it.

DVD binder for when we are snowed in for days on end?

CHECK! All nine seasons of Seinfeld are sitting in a stack in front of our TV as I write.

It was already coming down heavy on my way home tonight. I took a short video of the accumulation thus far on my phone. I know it looks puny right now, but know it is just a prelude of what’s to come:


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