Day 140: Eat only orange food for a day

January 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

Months and months ago when I was first taking blog suggestions, Liz Caravati had the idea that I should eat only orange food for a day. When I looked in the fridge this morning I saw  the tremendous amount of orange food we had on hand, the idea suddenly came back to me. Always looking for new and unusual things to post for your entertainment, I decided to do something completely arbitrary and only eat orange food for a day. Here are the meals I put together:

Breakfast: orange juice and grapefruit. I know the fleshy, pulpy inside of the grapefruit isn’t exactly orange, but I counted it because of the color of the skin.

Lunch: Mandarin oranges, carrots, cheddar bunny crackers and a cheddar cheese sandwich. I’m aware the bread is not orange, but I have too much dignity to simply eat a pile of cheese at lunch in front of my classmates.

Dinner: Eggs, milk, tomato soup and more carrots. By the end of the day I was running out of ideas, so I cheated and did some orange food engineering. I know the tomato soup is red, but red is half of orange, so that counts. The food coloring I put in the milk made it look like grapefruit juice, which was a little bit disorienting when it didn’t taste acidic or fruity in the slightest. I also used food coloring in the eggs, which ended up making it look like a dry cow liver. I ate it anyway.

Lesson of the day: Foods of the same color rarely compliment each other, and trying to dye eggs orange only makes them look bloody.



Oh, and check out the article I wrote today: New federal law aims to improve food-tracking issues.

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