Day 139: Eat a Naanwich

January 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today I published a Q&A with Matt Maroni, chef and owner of the Gaztro-Wagon food truck.

In Portland, food trucks are on every corner (I think I heard there are almost 700), but in Chicago they are few and far between. Part of the reason for this is because, unlike in Portland, food trucks are not allowed to actually cook on the truck – instead they have to sell pre-packaged food. Maroni, discontent with this, took it upon himself to write a proposed ordinance to allow food trucks to cook on-truck. It now looks like it will be passed at some point this year.

Today I had a mission: to get a picture of the Gaztro-Wagon for my story. I had planned to go out yesterday, but Maroni had Tweeted that the truck’s generator was fried, so I waited. When today he Tweeted that he was on his way to the Wrigley Building on Michigan Avenue I ran out of the newsroom with my camera, jumped on the L and ran to get in position.

It seemed like it was taking an unusually long time for the truck to come. I checked Twitter again, and it turned out they had parked underneath an overpass a few streets away about 15 minutes ago. In a panic, I cut through a shopping mall and down two flights of stairs, getting there just as the last customer left the truck.

I was able to snap a few photos and order one of the Gaztro-Wagon’s signature Naanwiches (a sandwich made on the Indian flatbread naan). I got one with slow-roasted beef, gouda, cabbage and bacon. It was mind-blowing.

Mission accomplished with Naanwich in hand. What an awesome assignment. To read the story, go here: Chicago chef Matt Maroni brings gourmet choices to your door on his food truck trail.

To check out my story about K-State’s research on cow lameness (along with comments from my Temple Grandin interview) from Day 134: Interview a Celebrity, click here.

Also, my photos from Day 111: Shoot a college baskeball game were published in “The Catholic Sentinel”! Check it out here.



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