Day 131: Save a car full of old ladies

January 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

It has been snowing nonstop since late last night.

While this sort of winter weather would have Portland canceling school for a month, Chicago plows were on the scene in minutes. However, even semi-snowy streets can be a hazard for some, as was the case for a car full of old ladies on Ridge Avenue this evening.

Steph and I were on our way to Target when we passed a Toyota Carolla that had driven up on a median. Its front wheels were spinning, but with little result as the car had bottomed out and the front end wasn’t even touching the ground.

Being the good samaritan I am, I insisted, despite Steph’s adamant protesting, that we stop and help. We walked over to the car, which was filled to capacity with old women, as if it was a clown car from the AARP circus.

I told the old lady in the driver’s seat to put the car in neutral while we tried to push it backward, but the vehicle wouldn’t budge. She asked me to get in the driver’s seat and see if I could go in reverse, but I only succeeded in spraying Stephanie with snow while having a chorus of old ladies mumble in my ear.

I used my cellphone to call a towtruck while a policeman who looked like a skinny Ben Affleck showed up and took over the scene. The old ladies thanked us and we left.

When I got home and died down I realized there were actually only three old ladies in the car, and that it was Stephanie’s idea to stop and help, not mine.

I don’t know where those old ladies were going – Denny’s, a bridge party, the mailbox – but whatever their destination, I hope they made it safely.


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