Day 127: Harass the neighbors

January 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Halloween pumpkin my next door neighbors bought back in October is still sitting outside of their apartment. Not surprisingly, it has started to rot. Friend and fellow Engelhart Hall resident, Katie Meehan, suggested that I make its eradication a post for my blog. So, I took her recommendation and came up with the following.

The pumpkin can be seen in the above photograph, along with a tombstone and and a speech bubble that says the following:

Hi there! Remember me? The pumpkin you bought 3 months ago? We had a great Halloween, I really appreciated all these weird shapes you drew on me with Sharpie. I’ve appreciated our time together, but now I’ve grown old. I’ve begun to rot and soon I’ll stink up the hallway. Please, throw me away and then we’ll both find peace. I will always remember you.

I made Stephanie write it for legibility. The exhibit is on display in the north wing of the second floor of Engelhart from now until whenever the family living in the adjacent apartment decides to throw my signs away. Hopefully it will be along with their rotting pumpkin.


Update 2:37 p.m. the following day: Any trace of pumpkin and signs have been removed. Mission accomplished.


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