Day 115: Celebrate in style and represent Team Jacob

December 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

Christmas 2010 was a year filled with strange, stylish gifts. Allow me to break down some such items, which I can be seen modeling in the above photograph.

  • Reading glasses with headlights. My dad and I bought these for my mom at a small store in downtown Lake Oswego. The clerk said these babies were “all the rage” this year. Now you can read in the dark and look like a coal miner while doing so.
  • “Twilight” t-shirt with picture of Taylor Lautner. Stephanie and I picked this up a couple of weeks ago at a Borders on Michigan Avenue that was liquidating their inventory. It struck us as the perfect gift to go with the collared shirt and pullover that we had bought for my 18-year-old brother, Jaret. The shirt was only 5 dollars and is a woman’s medium. Jaret says if we pay him 10 dollars he will wear it to school.
  • Microwaveable socks. Cold feet are the bane of Stephanie’s existence, so I found these babies in the gift section of New Seasons. Not only can they be heated in the microwave, they have little beads in them that make your feet tingle. Steph and I actually have the same size feet. I never thought this would be to my advantage, but now I might find myself slipping these babies on some cold Chicago evening.

Anybody else get a strange or funny gift this year?


§ One Response to Day 115: Celebrate in style and represent Team Jacob

  • James says:

    My sister sent me some boxers from Korea. They are larges, because large is apparently Korean for small. Best part? They have an iPod pocket (not a double-entendre, literally an iPod pocket).

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