Day 111: Shoot a college basketball game

December 23, 2010 § Leave a comment


My new experience at J-school has taken me from the grandstands of my alma mater, the University of Portland, to media row, where tonight I shot photos of the UP vs. Boise State basketball game in the Chiles Center. The photos included in this post I shot from the sidelines.

Stephanie’s dad, Ken, is a writer for the Catholic Sentinel and was able to get me a press pass to tonight’s game. We were admitted through a back door and even got to hang out in the media room. It was a pre-season game, so the media room was pretty empty, but they still provided us with halftime stats and free cans of Diet Coke.

It was an awesome experience being able to take pictures so close to the action, but it is a skill that I think is going to require some practice. Ken helped position me at the best angles and even set the camera to automatic focus, but even so, only about four of the 100 photos I took turned out well. Even though I chopped players limbs out of the majority of frames, or accidentally got super close ups of defenders butts, I learned a lot.

UP won, and after the game we were able to corner the Pilots coach and a couple of key players for an interview in a narrow hallway outside of the locker room. While Ken was asking Coach Reveno questions, another journalist came up in the middle and stuck his audio recorder in the coach’s face, recorded his comments for a few minutes, then left without asking a single question or even introducing himself. It was kind of strange and exciting to see experienced journalist’s at work.

At first I felt like a fraud, but by the end, when I was shaking hands with the coaches and players, I had begun to develop an air of legitimacy. Before long I’ll have to shed the whole ‘novice’ act.


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