Day 110: Attempt ‘kitten mittens’

December 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

I had a very special surprise planned for tonight. I was hoping to post a video of our cat, Jinx, replicating the ‘kitten mittens’ bit from our favorite TV show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Unfortunately, Jinx was not particularly cooperative.

The goal was to put miniature mittens on all four of Jinx’s paws and video tape him slipping and sliding around on the tile floor. It was a win-win: Jinx’s paws would be warm, and I would have a great video to put online. Jinx, however, did not see it that way.

Stephanie tried to put the mittens on Jinx while my brother, Jaret, held him and I prepared the video camera. The old bag of bones flailed like crazy, and whenever we got a mitten on him he somehow managed to rip it off immediately. Also, he smelled like feces today, so Jaret was not prepared to hold him for the long haul. That’s 12 dollars spent on miniature mitten ornaments from World Market down the drain.

Instead, I hope you will accept the above picture of Jinx posing with the mittens and the below video of the cat from “It’s Always Sunny” to give you an idea of what might have been.


§ One Response to Day 110: Attempt ‘kitten mittens’

  • kim says:

    Poor Jinxy does not normally smell bad, (other than his breath is a little fishy)! It must have been because he was terrified of what you were trying to do to him. I just wanted to clear that up as you are giving him a bad rap!

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