Day 107: Get Christmas breast enhancement

December 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

My 12-year-old brother, AJ, is an aspiring fiction writer. In honor of the holidays, I asked him to write something with a Christmas theme for the blog. The following is what he came up with:

One gloomy day, a little boy sat alone on a bench sipping coffee.  Christmas was drawing near and he should have been happy, but yet something was missing. He had always been called ugly by other children at school, and even his friends gave him a hard time about his ever contorted face. Being 14, Tyler was old for sitting on Santa’s lap, but decided to give it a shot. He asked Santa for plastic surgery, to which he replied:

“You sure as heck need that, don’t you?” Where upon Tyler got off of Santa’s lap, running away, wailing as he went.

When he woke up on Christmas morning, Tyler trudged slowly down the stairs. There was nothing under the tree, other than a single small box.

“This is just what I wanted!” Tyler yelled.  The box consisted of a gift certificate, good for a breast implant.

Instead of looking at Tyler’s ugly face, people feasted their eyes on his perfectly rounded breasts. No longer was he known as the ugly kid, he was known as an ugly kid with implanted breasts.



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