Day 103: Date a hero and win free pants

December 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

It was 12 degrees out today while we walked up and down Michigan Avenue doing our Christmas shopping. I know many of you have never experienced temperatures such as this, so let me just say that there if a fine line between a Winter Wonderland and  Snow Miser hell.

Being blasted by 50 mile per hour winds off of the lake makes it exponentially worse. You learn to put your head down and just sort of barrel from one store to another. So, you may understand why I did not stop to help a man pick up assorted papers, pens and a large sign he had dropped all over the sidewalk. However, Stephanie’s kindness and comparative immunity to the cold sent her right to his side to see if he needed help, while I sought shelter in a deep set store window.

The man picked up his fallen sign, shoved it in Stephanie’s hands, and pointed at a man filming from across the street. It turned out that they worked for Dockers, the pant company, and the man had intentionally dropped his things to see if anyone would come to his aid. The sign read “Chivalry is Not Dead,” which is apparently their current campaign slogan.

They interviewed Stephanie about what made her stop to help, and then told her she would appear in a video on their website in a few months as a “Dockers Hero.” Also, she won a new pair of any style of Dockers, which she gave to me,  seeing as she doesn’t wear men’s pants.

So I guess this means that she is the white knight to my damsel in distress. I guess it also means that I don’t have to do nice things for people and I still can get free pants.





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