Day 101: Sacrifice my girlfriend for the reservoir

December 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Because the Super Shuttle was picking us up at noon, I knew we only had a few hours in the morning to do any activities we felt would complete the New York City experience. For me, this meant seeing the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park, which I had been told was a beautiful must-see attraction.

I knew this would require a significant amount of walking time, so I woke Stephanie up at 7. I could see that there was a light rain outside, but refused to allow it to interfere with the final minutes of my vacation.

This ended up being a major mistake. Let me begin by telling you that the drainage system on 7th Avenue is extremely poor. We definitely had one of those moments from movies in which a car drives through a giant puddle, spraying nearby pedestrians.

During our aimless northbound wandering through the park, we lost two umbrellas to the blustery wind and rain, and Stephanie’s boots, coat and jeans became so drenched that she had to change clothes in the bathroom of the airport (it took us so long to get back that we barely made our shuttle).

Here I forced her to pose for a picture with the reservoir so we could capture the moment. She put on a smile, but her eyes tell the real story.

After spending 15 minutes under a hand blow dryer at the airport, all was well. I guess the lesson is there is a fine line between tourism and fanaticism. But seriously, it was a pretty awesome view.


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