Day 99: Catch a Broadway show

December 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

We waited in the freezing cold for two hours to get discounted tickets to “La Cage Aux Folles.” The 1996 movie “The Birdcage” starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane was based on this story, although this live version had Kelsey Grammar and Douglas Hodge:

"La Cage Aux Folles"

In the musical, Kelsey Grammar’s character owned a nightclub full of transvestite musical acts. Drag queens covered in rhinestones and feathers can-canned around the stage and interacted with the audience. We had a pretty good view even though our seats were toward the back of the theater. It was probably better that way, seeing as the transvestites liked to do things like throw their dresses over audience members’ heads. The cross-dressers were also super ripped, which was both disgusting and hilarious.

That’s right, Frasier and drag queens. Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t get any better than that.


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