Day 95: Relive spiked bangs

December 7, 2010 § 2 Comments

After taking my last final of the quarter today, I decided I would run wild this afternoon and finally cash in on that prize package I received a while back. Specifically, I decided to check out SportClips and use the ticket I received for a free men’s haircut, seeing as it was going to expire at the end of December.

So I slogged through the snow to SportClips, which was only a few blocks away, and was immediately thrust into a chair and prepared for the “MVP” treatment.

It began with a girl in a referee’s costume cutting my hair. I asked for a long buzz cut that looked something like this: Instead it looked like an incarnation of this:Alright, maybe not quite Buzz-worthy, but not far off. She convinced me that I should keep the bangs longer for styling purposes, effectively replicating the haircut I had in 7th grade. She even gelled it up for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of my old awesome class photos with me to show you, but I can at least show you this sexy do:It has since been fixed.

At SportClips, your haircut doesn’t just end when your hair has been cut. With the MVP treatment they take you into this back room labeled “Showers,” lay your head back into a basin for a scalp massage and place a hot towel on top of your face. It reminded of how it used to feel when I would wake up to our cat, Jinx, sleeping on my face.

After the towel was removed and my scalp was thoroughly rubbed, they took me back to the barber’s chair where my back was pummeled with a vibrating back massager. The stylist then gave me a sales pitch for the “Season Ticket Package,” and I gave her a small tip and left.

Although I feel like a real MVP, I think that was a one time deal. I much prefer having Stephanie cut my hair in the living room, where I can watch TV in my underwear while she clips, and then dump the hair scraps in the parking lot.


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