Day 86: Drink my own urine

November 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

You may be thinking, “Wait…he won’t chew gum but he’ll drink his own urine?”


Stephanie has noticed that many of the activities I post on here are things that I would be doing even without the blog, and I am thus not fully subscribing to the mission I set forth when I created this thing. She’s right – it is important for me to venture outside of my comfort zone and try the new and bizarre. Tonight this post is dedicated to her.

Some alternative medicine doctors prescribe what is known as urine therapy, in which an individual drinks his or her own urine to cleanse the system. It is believed that in Ancient Rome, people from the Gaul region of Western Europe drank urine to whiten their teeth. Some religions also believe that drinking urine can have a spiritual effect.

These not-so-inspiring precedents were not the only reason for taking on such a gross task. Some coercing from a (good?) friend, Kevin Lockwood,  is also to blame. He insisted I watch a YouTube video of Discovery Channel survivalist Bear Grylls drinking his own urine in the Australian outback to convince me that this was a manly and honorable endeavor. And so I did it.

I took a single shot. I won’t go into the details for fear of making my readers vomit except to say that it was very salty. However, it was not so bad as one might imagine. I immediately washed the shot glass and vigorously brushed my teeth following the event.

Does my system feel cleansed? Are my teeth any whiter? Do I feel any more spiritual?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Also, Stephanie refuses to kiss me until after noon tomorrow.

Was it worth it you ask? Probably not. But hey, you’re here reading this, right?


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