Day 82: Turn on the heat

November 24, 2010 § 3 Comments

And so it begins.

Believe it or not, I never had to turn the heat on in our old apartment. We had a basement unit next to the water heater room, which kept it nice and toasty year-round. It sucked during the summer when the inside temperature reached 87 degrees (that was a high), but was great during the winter. However, I don’t think that’s going to be the case this year.

For some reason the air conditioning unit in our current apartment was placed right above the heater, which was a very bad idea because it melted a huge chunk of the plastic.

Does anyone know whether a baseboard heater is supposed to actually shoot out hot air or just get really really really hot? I don’t know if it’s broken or if that is just how it is supposed to work.



§ 3 Responses to Day 82: Turn on the heat

  • Jade says:

    It’s actually colder in Clackamas… It didn’t get above freezing all day, and we’re hovering right about 20 degrees…. brrrrr

  • Keith Hummel says:

    Hmm, that’s a nice toasty 36 degrees you’re enjoying over there. I’m kind of jealous with this 20.6 degree weather over here in Portland. It’s almost painful to go outside. Also, I remember the baseboard heaters at my old house simply getting warm and letting the heat raise into the room. Not sure what your’s are doing. :\

  • Grandpa Dick says:

    Tyler, What I remember about baseboard (radiant) heat is that is 1. Cheap to install 2. expensive to use 3. inefficient. 4. What I remember (from along time ago)
    It was supposed to be installed under windows (On the floor of course) As the unit got hot and they do (an thats all) Heat rises and the cold air from the window helps in circulating the heat. The one big caution is they are dangerous. if bedding or anything gets up against them. I think wearing extra clothes will keep you warmer…Remember your in Chicago and they have COLD WEATHER…………….ITS 20 DEGREES IN PORTLAND lOVE TO BOTH OF YOU GRANDPA DICK

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