Day 80: Cover the International Taste of Niles

November 22, 2010 § 2 Comments

I am writing this post at 3:08 a.m. That is because I spent the past six hours putting together a video of the International Taste of Niles, an event that I covered today.

Niles has four sister cities: Pisa, Italy; Nafplion, Greece; Leixlip, Ireland and Limanowa, Poland. In order to fund their international exchange program, they have this event where a bunch of local restaurants donate food and locals pay to come eat and watch interesting acts, such as the Olympic Greek Dancers that performed today. As a food reporter, it was my duty to cover this event.

I had a surplus of interviews. My contact in the village administration kept bringing me village trustees to talk to, telling me, “It makes them feel important.”

I also interviewed a state representative who happened to attend, the MC of the event and three locals. One of the locals gave me some really great quotes, but after he went back to his seat, I realized that I had forgotten to press the record button on my camera and didn’t get any of it. Too embarrassed to approach him for a second interview and tell him what I’d done, I decided to proceed without it.

As a journalism student at Medill, it has been hammered into my head that a reporter is never to accept gifts because it could conflict with our role as a neutral observer. Well, the woman from the village of Niles was really adamant that I eat some of the food, but I somehow managed to evade her overwhelming hospitality. It was difficult to take close up shots of vendors serving pasta, fajitas and meatballs and refrain from trying anything. My conscience was telling me no but my stomach was telling me yes.

I cut the video all in one night so that a local news site could put it online, so if all goes well, I’ll be posting the link to the video tomorrow. But now it’s lights out.




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