Day 78: See Harry Potter 7 at midnight

November 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

At 2:45 a.m. this morning Stephanie, 9 classmates and I exited a movie theater at Old Orchard Mall in Skokie after having seen part one of the end of the Harry Potter saga.

The movie was awesome in its own right, but the rest of the evening was thoroughly entertaining as well.

As we waited in line to enter, it became clear that we were by far the oldest ones in the theater. Teens with braces wore witch hats and had thunderbolt scars scribbled on their foreheads. I’m pretty sure that one girl that looked like an inside-out pillow was supposed to be the white owl Hedwig. In front of us in line, a group of kids excitedly went over Harry Potter trivia, and then started doing dramatic readings from a Shakespeare book.

They let us into the theater at about 9:30. We had two and a half hours to just sit around, so I decided to use the opportunity to get interviews for my “man on the street” story. For a man on the street story, you are supposed to get random people’s opinions on a topic relevant to your beat. Therefore I decided to interview teenagers about their flu shots. Unfortunately for me, I had forgotten how much teenagers suck.

I eventually got the information I needed, but it was like pulling teeth. Our interaction generally went something like this:

Me: Excuse me, I’m a health reporter at Northwestern University and I’m doing an article about whether or not people are getting their flu shots. Would you be willing to talk to me for a minute?

Teenager: [Looks at friends in nearby seats, then giggles] Ha, whatever. Yeah, I guess. Sure.

One little darling was even so nice as to respond by saying, “Who are you writing this for? Some asshole?”

I was able to get my interviews eventually, but the intrepid journalist inside of me had been bruised by these cocky little turds. But then Harry Potter started and everything was right in the world.


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