Day 67: Eat Frushi

November 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

What’s Frushi you ask? Well, I’ll tell you what it’s not, and that is sushi infused with fruit flavor. That’s what I thought it was when I first read the menu of Orange, a “contemporary brunch” restaurant in Glenview, Ill.

No, Frushi is fruit wrapped in fruit infused rice, and is actually quite delicious. The rice tasted strongly of coconut and strawberry, and the fruit was fresh and crisp.

We went to Orange so I could do a restaurant review, one of the many burdens of being a food reporter.

Aside from the Frushi, I had chai tea french toast, described on the menu as “baked, chai tea-infused French toast, stuffed with Ricotta cheese, served over a chai tea latte reduction and topped with honey and caramelized apples.” It was fantastic and filling – definitely more of a dessert than a breakfast.

Stephanie had omelet #11.5, which was stuffed with bacon, aged white cheddar and sweet leeks and topped with guacamole. It even came with this awesome looking potato cake.

Even the coffee tasted orange-y.

The interview portion was pretty funny. At one point I asked the manager what inspired the restaurant decor, and she looked around at the orange walls, orange chairs and orange decorations and said, “Uh…can I say ‘the color orange.?’ Is that fair?”

Oh man, a guy could get really fat doing this for a living. For some reason that doesn’t deter me…



§ One Response to Day 67: Eat Frushi

  • Michele Nelson says:

    The presentation looks beautiful. How fun to have an excuse to try different things. As always, I love your descriptions and humor!

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