Day 66: Be a huge creeper

November 8, 2010 § 2 Comments

At a coffee shop in downtown Evanston today I was seated next to what I assume to be two Northwestern undergraduates. I was trying to read cases for my Journalism Ethics and Law class, but their conversation was so irritatingly ridiculous that I couldn’t focus. So instead, I decided to transcribe their conversation. Here are some of the more interesting fragments:

Sensitive Guy: Is it true that once you go to Paris you never want to leave?

Enthusiastic Girl: Oh my gosh yes I love France!

Sensitive Guy: I think you’d make a phenomenal psychologist.

Enthusiastic Girl: Well I just really like to talk about emotions, you know?

Sensitive Guy: I’m going to give myself 20 years to learn Spanish, French and Italian.

Enthusiastic Girl: Oh my God that is ambitious. You can do it!

Enthusiastic Girl: Is your best friend named Jim?

Sensitive Guy: No John. When I first met him and we became best friends, people thought I had broken up with my girlfriend and gone gay with him.

Enthusiastic Girl: Oh man, everyone needs a friend like that.

Sensitive Guy: I know. Would you say you have a friend like  that in Margie?

Enthusiastic Girl: Oh yeah, she’s so incredible.

Sensitive Guy: She’s the best. I tend to get along better with girls. I think for the most part they are smarter than guys.

Enthusiastic Girl: I don’t know about smarter…

Sensitive Guy: Maybe not smarter but at least more emotionally open.

Sensitive Guy: The great thing about my writing lab is that all the components are there. We really care about each other but we just need to take it to the next level.

Enthusiastic Girl: Oh yeah, it is all about trust and intimacy.

Sensitive Guy: I see half of the relationships of our friends not working out.

Enthusiastic Girl: Yeah, I think that is just representative of our time.

Sensitive Guy: Most guys just won’t stay with one girl for more than 3 weeks.

Enthusiastic Girl: That really scares me.

Sensitive Guy: That scares me too because it means they’re getting more than me.

Enthusiastic Girl: I hired a trainer before I tracked through the Himalayas.

Sensitive Guy: The Himalayas? You cut yourself off from civilization?

Enthusiastic Girl: That’s what I did with my semester off. It was the hardest 3 months of my life.

Then I had enough and put in my earbuds. Tune in next week for more adventures of Sensitive Guy and Enthusiastic Girl!

Just kidding. I think my head would explode.






§ 2 Responses to Day 66: Be a huge creeper

  • Kelly Youngberg says:


  • Lana Millington says:

    I ride Max most days to work and this is exactly what I hear. A lot of times it is just one sided cell phone conversations that everyone on the train can hear – and there are usually 3 or 4 of these going on at the same time. Good old i-pod and books.

    Love to you and Stephanie.


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