Day 54: Narrowly evade a Category 3 hurricane

October 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

DISCLAIMER: The above picture is not my car. It is just a photo of storm damage that I retrieved from the website of the local news station.

Alright, maybe to say that it was “narrowly” evaded isn’t completely accurate. While a funnel cloud supposedly touched down a few counties over, Evanston was not actually hit by the so called “Great Lakes Cyclone.” While it was seriously windy out, the most damage I witnessed was a number of bowled over traffic cones. However, national coverage of the storm seemed to be enough to sufficiently freak out friends and family not residing in the Midwest.

My mom was concerned that I would try to do something interesting for my blog in the storm, such as going body surfing in the predicted 20 ft. high waves beating the shore of Lake Michigan. Because I was in class and wasn’t able to respond to text messages, she was convinced I had drowned. That was partially true, but I was inundated in Journalism Ethics and Law, not water.

I have to say that I am a little disappointed. With all of the build up, the experience ended up being rather anticlimactic. That isn’t to say I’m hoping for some crazy Midwest weather during the upcoming season, but let’s just say that a blog post about a blizzard is just aching to be written.

§ One Response to Day 54: Narrowly evade a Category 3 hurricane

  • Kim says:

    OK, I wouldn’t quite say I was “convinced”, just concerned… Actually, I was thinking that maybe you just might have fell in and drowned while watching the waves, nothing quite as glamorous as body surfing.

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