Day 38: Eat a brick of SPAM

October 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

I wouldn’t exactly call SPAM the dinner of champions, but it wasn’t so bad. It smelled like wet cat food and was very salty. I ate the entire brick to make this post interesting, which means I consumed six whole servings and 1,080 calories of SPAM. Don’t worry, I went for a jog today.

It is very generic tasting, which I suppose is an asset. SPAM is an inexpensive substitute for higher quality meats. Pepperoni too expensive? Try slices of SPAM on your pizza. Don’t want to take the time to cook a turkey on Thanksgiving? Try stuffing a brick of SPAM. The possibilities are endless: SPAM cordon bleu, SPAM Parmesan, SPAM nuggets and SPAM fingers. I’m telling you, past generations really knew what they were doing. I can’t imagine why this stuff disappeared from grocery lists.

Good lord. A whole brick. What was I thinking? Excuse me while I go look for a bottle of Tums.


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