Day 33: Witness a moment straight out of a romance movie

October 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

There is a gated retirement home down the street that I pass on my way to and from class. I have been told that the complex rents vacant rooms to college students, and that you can pay to eat the same meals as the elderly residents in the dining area, as well as have the caretakers make your bed. One of the girls in Stephanie’s program was drawn in by the great price, but decided against it because the kitchen was small. Having friends over would likely create issues too, considering most residents would be in bed by 8.

Although the building is gated and well-maintained, I rarely see any of the occupants outside the building. However, as I approached the complex  today, I heard music emanating from the courtyard. I peered through the wrought iron fence and saw a scene that put Nicholas Sparks novels to shame.

A frail woman with long white hair was lying in a deck chair with her eyes closed. An oxygen mask was strapped to her nose and mouth. Next to the chair, a young woman with a guitar and a little old man sang to her. The man – her husband, I assume – had one hand on her forehead and held her wrinkled hand in the other. The voices were soft and passionate. It was a moment of synaesthesia, in which a wave of emotion sends a chill down your spine.

When I got home I told Stephanie about it, and she said she saw the same thing last week, but with a woman playing the harp instead of the guitar. It looks like every week the old man has someone come and play music to his wife. There was something poignant about that moment that I’m sure no movie or novel could accurately capture.


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