Day 30: See Local Natives in concert

October 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Should we bring an umbrella?” Stephanie asked before we left the apartment.  I said no. In my defense, it wasn’t raining when we left. When we were on the El, I was distracted by an old man in the seat behind us who was not-so-discretely pouring beer into a plastic cup and slurping it through a straw, so I hadn’t noticed the downpour out the window. When we got off at Addison, we had to walk half a mile around Wrigley Field to get to the venue. We both were drenched and I was (deservedly) chastised.

The concert, however, soon made me forget the wet clothing plastered to my body. The two opening acts were pretty good, but Local Natives took forever to come out. We waited at least a half hour between acts. I distracted myself by reading the texts of the girl in front of me, whose date had been kicked out for bringing in a flask and getting belligerently drunk. He was a real winner, and her text messages conveyed a similar message to her best friend Ashley.

When the band finally came out, they were definitely worth the wait. While all of their music is good, my particular favorites are Sunhands and Airplanes, which they played at the end of the set. On the way home we froze to the bone from a sharp wind in 45 degrees. We are going to die this winter.


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