Day 28: Learn to use a Dremel

September 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

I have a BA in English, while Stephanie has her BS in Mechanical Engineering. She just happens to be logical and mathematical, while I prefer to write poetry or mysteriously stare into the sea on an overcast day. Unfortunately, this means that Steph is a lot better at operating tools than me, so when a toilet is clogged or a cupboard door falls off, she is the one to fix things. As you might imagine, this makes me a little bit self-conscious about my masculinity. Here is a story to illustrate my incapacity to operate anything mechanical.

Our apartment in Portland had a loose doorknob. This didn’t bother us much, until Steph came home from work one day and the door wouldn’t open. I was on the inside and she was on the outside. When we turned the knob, the bolt wouldn’t budge from the door frame.  Unfortunately, the tools were on the inside with me, where they were utterly useless. I had to pull a screen out of one of the windows to let Stephanie in. She proceeded to take apart the door knob and fix the problem while I finished making dinner. I had to hurry her so it didn’t get too cold.

Tonight I decided to leave my comfort zone of ignorance and have Steph teach me to use her Dremel. From what she tells me, a Dremel is a “rotary tool” that can be used for everything from glass etching to cutting to sanding. She insisted on bringing it to Chicago after I told her that her drill and giant tool box were too big and heavy to fit in the car. She offered to teach me how to use it as an electric screw driver, but I didn’t think that would transfer to the blog very well. Instead, I had her show me how to do something crafty like sand my name into a piece of wood. While this may not be a practical skill I will now use around the apartment, as far as I’m concerned, it is an excellent first step. Maybe I’ll carve her name into the wall when she is in class tomorrow.


§ 2 Responses to Day 28: Learn to use a Dremel

  • Kenny Hughes says:

    Carve it into your chest, you don’t lose the deposit for that.

  • Keith Hummel (Home) says:

    HA HA. The exact same thing happened to me! Only it was my parents’ bedroom lock. And I didn’t have any tools. And I was four.
    But on a separate note, perhaps to reassert your masculinity you should henceforth use only manly tools to accomplish academic endeavors. Write up that first draft on a two-by-four with your newfound dremel skills. Need to keep papers together? Only a wuss would reach for the stapler. The new Tyler tosses such a timid technique of paper dominance and reaches straight for a C-clamp and duct tape. What? You don’t have a C-clamp? Well, we have some work to do…

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