Day 8: Eat an overstuffed sandwich from Lucky’s

September 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Per the suggestion of Kenny Hughes, today we decided to have dinner at Lucky’s, where Man vs. Food’s Adam Richman did the Overstuffed Sandwich Challenge.

Lucky’s is located in Wrigleyville by the ballpark. Their sandwiches are massive and are topped with coleslaw and a huge pile of fries. Those up for the challenge have to eat three of these sandwiches in the span of an hour. Winners get the third sandwich free, a t-shirt, and a picture on the Wall of Fame. You can watch Adam’s struggle on Man vs. Food here: If you finish the sandwiches in under thirty minutes then all three are free. The record is held by a professional eater who finished them all in FIVE MINUTES!

I had gone in with every intention of attempting the challenge. However, after seeing a guy hoist a hulking double egg and cheese sandwich into the air and take a bite, I decided that the cost of three sandwiches and a stomach ache were not what I had in mind for my Friday night. The picture at the top of this page is of me stuffing my face with an Italian sausage and cheese, which was perfectly complimented by a 312 from the local Goose Island Brewery. The starchy french bread/french fry combination could explode a seagull, but the sandwich was delicious. In the battle of Tyler vs. Food, food definitely won.


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