Day 6: Go commando

September 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, going “commando” means “to not wear underwear.” While I have done this for short periods of time in the past – for instance, while wearing a bathing suit – I had never gone all day without underpants. I did not wake up this morning with my heart set on going without briefs. It was more a product of circumstance. Our old apartment had a washer/dryer combo conveniently within the apartment. In this building, one must travel all the way down two whole flights of stairs to do the laundry. When I realized I had no clean underwear left this morning, I decided to embrace the situation and make it my new thing for the day. All in all it was not so uncomfortable, but it isn’t something I would recommend to runners or other athletes of any kind.

Also, I need suggestions of things to do! I have a pretty big list, but I have to come up with 365, and I won’t be able to think up that many by myself. If you have ideas of any kind, please comment!


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  • Kenny Hughes says:

    1. Get a badass Henna tattoo
    2. Participate in a LARP (like LAIR from Role Models)
    3. Take the overstuffed sandwich challenge that was on Man vs Food (
    4. Try to start a slow clap during the credits in a movie theater.
    …5. Hold a sign in a protest
    6. Take the stairs to the top of Willis Tower.
    7. Milk a cow
    8. Get a manicure
    9. Wax your chest (AHHHH KELLY CLARKSON!)
    10. Go an entire day without speaking
    11. Bake a souffle
    12. Walk a mile with your eyes closed (walking partner is allowed)
    13. Summit a mountain (doesn’t have to be a big one. People climb St. Helens all the time
    14. Pretend to be interested when a telemarketer calls
    15. Go on the biggest local rollercoaster/ride.
    16. Go bungee jumping
    17. Go sky diving

    I’ll send you more if i can think of some

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