Day 5: Make homemade curry

September 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Because Stephanie is in design boot camp all day and I don’t start classes for another two weeks, it has become my job to make dinner every night. Anyone who is familiar with my cooking would probably describe it as enthusiastically experimental, but not in a good way. I have a tendency to throw together things whose flavors I enjoy individually in the hope that they will produce a favorable mixture. They never do.

Today, however, I decided to play it safe and cook an actual recipe. My dad makes a curry with green apples that is simply delicious. He swears that this dish was a vital component in courting my mom. I called him for the recipe, then headed to the local Jewel-Osco to buy the necessary supplies.

Everything went well until the very end. I had mixed the chicken, apple, broth, and vegetables, but the consistency was a bit thin. My dad had told me to add a combination of flour and water at this point to act as a thickening agent. He had given this recipe to me off of the top of his head, so he had not included specific measurements. I don’t blame him, as he had assumed that I would have a basic understanding of how to cook – a fatal mistake. A cup and a half of flour later, it was beginning to look more like curry cake. Stephanie later pointed out that only a quarter of the flour I ended up using would have been more than enough. I knew that something wasn’t quite right, but it didn’t taste half bad. I placed a loaf on top of some rice, and had dinner ready at the table when she got home. Eat up, darling!


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