Day 1: Eat real Chicago deep dish

September 4, 2010 § 3 Comments

I decided to start with a bang: deep dish pizza from Gino’s East of Chicago. It took a while to narrow down which pizzeria was to introduce me to “real” pizza. We had trouble deciding which to try, as every one we have seen so far seems to have a sign in the window claiming that their pie is “world famous.” After accumulating suggestions from friends and Chicago natives, my girlfriend Stephanie and I chose Gino’s East because we were told it was the most authentic. Best decision ever.

The walls of the restaurant were covered in the markings and carvings of past hungry patrons – a tradition that the waiter informed us was a trademark of Gino’s East. When we asked for the 10″ pan Supreme, the server asked if we wanted our sausage crumbled or in a patty. They literally layer a half-inch thick solid patty of sausage in the pizza, spanning the entire diameter. There is no way the picture included could fully convey the deliciousness of that pizza. The cheese was so thick and ubiquitous that Stephanie, who is slightly lactose intolerant, had to pop multiple Lactaid pills to finish her single piece. Overall, I’d say the experience was ethereal. I’ve tasted heaven and refuse to go back. And yes – there are leftovers for lunch tomorrow…if they make it through the night.


§ 3 Responses to Day 1: Eat real Chicago deep dish

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